Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Barn is finished and it is absolutely stunning! :)

The above photos show the progress of the barns restoration from the very beginning of the project to the pictures below which show the finished barn.


Floor heating at its best...


We installed a heating system trademarked as Warmboard at our Bridal Trails custom home that we shared on Tuesday.

Guy Lofstrom, our Project Manager, gave us this bit of educational information on the process and system itself. "Warm Board is a panelized system in which heated water flows through tubing that is integral with grooves in this specialized system. The entire upper side of this plywood is skinned with a layer of aluminum thus helping with the consistent transference of heat."

"We typically add a heat recovery ventilation unit (HRV) to move air around the home which makes for an incredibly comfortable living condition.

Working hard on this beauty....